Why Can’t Anybody Do Anything About Climate Change?

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UK and Europe are suffering the hottest temperatures ever recorded. Temps over 100° are dominating Texas and Oklahoma, running all the way through the Dakota’s. Wildfires out of control in western USA, Australia, France and Spain. Record rainfall is washing away entire towns in Germany, while lakebeds go dry in Africa and California. Everyone sees climate change, yet some still deny it – and everyone seems powerless to do anything.

This podcast explains how we as individuals let something as simple as habit get in the way of solving crucial problems. How we misunderstand risk, downplaying crisis after crisis. And how we let our Lock-In to existing behaviors, and business practices, turn us into deniers of problems, and organizations that seem wholly unable to deal with an existential need to change. Just like climate change (and even how climate change affects our business) we let our Lock-in to historical behaviors, organizational decision-making practices, bad strategy practices and use of “experts” keep us from doing what needs to be done. And it offers a path to breaking the chains of Lock-in so you can move forward and grow in new ways.

Thinking points:

• How much does your sales process reward “farming” existing customers versus seeking out new customers?

• How quickly do you adopt ideas from outside your organization? Or are you stalled by “not invented here”?

• Do you accelerate action toward new business practices, or do you strive for consensus before taking action?

• Is your strategic planning based on future scenarios, or existing products and existing customer needs?

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