Food Does Not Equal Love - Give Your Pet What They Really Crave!

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How often do you give your dog or cat treats, extra helpings, or reserving a little bit of your main meal for them as an expression of your love? This could be harming both their physical and mental wellbeing!

In this episode, veterinarian Dr Alex Avery talks about the best ways to show love to your pets. He shares some insights into the effects of giving our pets extra food and treats, the best way to feed them, how to actually make them happy, and also improve your relationship with your furry family.


  • [03:36] How we show and express love for our pets
  • [04:30] The effects of giving our pets extra food and treats
  • [06:10] Changing our thinking about pets
  • [07:11] How to feed our pets
  • [08:35] How to make our pets happy and improve our relationship with them

Notable quotes

  • A lot of the time, we forget about the mental health of our cats and dogs.
  • Carrying extra weight has a lot of impact on our pets.
  • Expressing our love through giving our pets food and extra treats is not good. We are actually shortening their lives.
  • Obesity affects over 60% of our pets.
  • Give your dog and cat attention because that is the most valuable thing they treasure.


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