Giving Senior Pets The Golden Years They Deserve

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The fact that our pets age faster than we do is an inevitability and we want to ensure they remain as happy and comfortable for as long as possible. But knowing what different options are open to you that will actually make a difference can be really confusing, not to mention expensive.
Today we are diving deep into the world of senior care, palliative treatment, and end of life decisions to ensure your gray-muzzled dog and senior cat has the golden years they deserve.
Veterinarian Dr. Mary Gardner is my expert guest today as we discuss:

  • The barriers to good healthcare for older dogs and cats
  • The fact that old age alone is not a disease
  • Tips on how to know your pet needs extra help
  • Your relationship with your vet to ensure a holistic approach
  • Focusing on quality of life, not just quantity
  • End of life options

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