How our modern lives destroy the gut microbiome & why to avoid hand sanitizer: Dr. Catherine Clinton

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Did you know that hand sanitizer ruins the microbiome of the skin & the gut? How does our modern life destroy our health and particularly our microbiome? Meet Dr. Catherine Clinton for this conversation on how to heal the gut - and feel better using nature instead of medications and supplements! This episode is sponsored by Optimal Carnivore “CarnivoreY” to receive 10% off all products- Grassfed Organ Meat Complex Grassfed Beef liver This episode is sponsored by Upgraded Formulas - Get your HTMA with Upgraded Formulas - use my code YOGI12 for a discount! - My webinar “Harnessing the power of the sun” My webinar on reversing leptin resistance and losing weight - My webinar "Building your perfect quantum day" to dial in circadian rhythms & heal your mitochondria: WHERE TO FIND DR. CLINTON: IG: @dr.catherineclinton FACEBOOK TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Beginning 3:47 Dr Clinton’s background & how she got into quantum physics 7:15 How quantum biology influences our health 8:20 Why connection with nature is essential for our healing & how Dr. Clinton integrates quantum biology into her practice 11:13 Misconceptions about grounding & NNEMF/perfectionism in the quantum space 16:00 Kids and instincts around quantum biology 18:55 How Dr. Clinton treats someone metabolically unhealthy with quantum biology 23:00 Making the circadian lifestyle work for you and your family 26:00 Pharmaceuticals vs Natural options 29:40 How quantum biology pertains to all life on earth & the health of the planet 30:37 How circadian biology ties in with gut health 35:43 How the mitochondria has cross talk with the gut 36:46 How to heal the gut beyond supplements 38:19 Dr. Clinton’s thoughts on probiotics & supplements in general 42:50 Germ theory vs Terrain theory 44:15 Why anti bacterial is a terrible idea for our health and microbiome 49:20 Why water is effective for cleaning our bodies 51:40 How a bath/hydrotherapy provides a health benefit & how alternative medicine became suppressed 54:07 Psychoneuroimmunology & how this plays into our overall health - and how meditation boosts our mitochondrial health 58:00 How our thoughts drive our health 1:04:01 How to reframe our negative thoughts 1:07:45 Where to find Dr. Clinton ____________________________________________ This video is not medical advice & as a supporter to you and your health journey - I encourage you to monitor your labs and work with a professional! ________________________________________ JOIN MY MAILING LIST TO BE NOTIFIED OF WHEN I OPEN MY NEXT PRIVATE COACHING GROUP -

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