Individualizing food, minerals & nutrients, and why you can't trust most "famous" doctors with Dr. Leland Stillman

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0:00 Beginning

3:00 Meet Dr. Stillaman

3:27 Dr. Stillman’s background

6:39 Balanced protocol

7:59 Why we can’t always trust the “famous” Functional Medicine doctors & supplements

10:05 Thoughts on Uric acid craze right now

11:48 More thoughts on “famous doctors” who aren’t practicing

15:12 Why telling the truth isn’t always popular

18:56 Why medical care that aligns with your values should be a top priority

20:28 Why modern medicine still relies heavily on pharmaceuticals instead of scientific literature & individuality

25:00 What percentage of Dr. Stillman’s patients have a mineral imbalance?

26:50 Hemochromatosis & iron

27:20 Why Dr. Stillman doesn’t recommend blood donation for everyone

29:00 Why the right lab work is important & how you can find nutritional deficiencies

30:30 How minerals can build up in the body to toxic levels & “U shaped curves”

32:33 Why detox can make you even sicker if not done properly

33:30 Does mercury poisoning exist

35:33 Why the U shaped curve is important for nutrition

40:57 More on individualizing minerals & nutrients and high levels of B12

43:14 Why Dr. Stillman doesn’t believe in megadosing supplements

46:00 Why the medical industry doesn’t research light therapy

49:00 Conclusion

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