06: Embracing ESG in commercial real estate with Michael Gillon

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Commercial real estate investors, developers and owners are embracing the move towards more efficient and eco-friendly commercial buildings, helped along by growing government mandates globally.

Some governments, such as the United Kingdom, have been setting the pace when it comes to ESG-focused initiatives and now other countries are starting to follow suit. So how are commercial real estate companies approaching these initiatives?

In this episode of The ChangeMakers in CRE, Michael Gillon, National Portfolio Manager & Head of Retail Management at Bayleys Real Estate in New Zealand, discusses how international CRE companies are adopting ESG initiatives and the impact of ESG-focused government mandates.
Here’s what we covered:

  • How the UK set the pace for mandatory ESG initiatives
  • What other countries can learn from the UK’s approach to ESG
  • What causes buildings to become stranded assets?
  • The need for government mandates

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