Bianca with Juana Martinez-Neal on Zonia's Rain Forest

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In this episode of the Growing Readers Podcast, I talk with the absolutely incredible, award-winning author-illustrator Juana Martinez-Neal. We discuss the heartfelt, visually stunning picture book Zonia’s Rain Forest, which illuminates a young girl’s day of play and adventure in the lush rain forest of Peru.

Juana Martinez-Neal is one of my all-time favorite illustrators. We talk about the idea of home and how different people experience home, in particular, how Zonia, an Asháninka girl, experiences her home and how we are all connected. We also discuss how the idea for this book crept up on her and the different techniques she used to create the gorgeous mixed-media artwork that pulls the reader into the pages. This book, also available in Spanish: La selva de Zonia, is both a conversation starter and a feast for the eyes!

Order a copy of Zonia's Rain Forest via

Order a copy of Zonia's Rain Forest via Amazon.

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