The should have been stage production : Christmas On The Square

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Seasons Greetings ! Welcome to another episode of the The Christmas Crackers Podcast. We are a Christmas film podcast reviewing the best (most the time worst) Christmas movies the world has to offer. All in hopes of one day finding the worlds best Christmas Cracker !

It's May! And we have kept this themed month thing going. We asked you guys for suggestions and here are with 'The Musical Month of May'. For the whole month we will be watching and reviewing musical Christmas movies. This week we watched Christmas On The Square, which controversially we think did not actually have enough Christmas in it!

If you want to let us know of any Christmas Crackers you think we should take a look at please pop them under our tree (just DM us) on Instagram @christmascrackerspod

Also please do leave us a review wherever you listen to us, it is really appreciated.

You can also find myself at Sam and the various handles below :
Kate @smiletiscool / @mickeywafflespod


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