Zoom's PWA, Opera for Chromebooks, and Stadia nails it on Android TV

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This week on The Chrome Cast, we discuss the new apps that have arrived for Chromebooks and why they are so important to the ecosystem. It isn’t just that Zoom has an official PWA or that Opera has optimized the Android-based browser just for Chromebooks, it’s the fact that larger entities are beginning to really take note of Chrome OS and are building experiences just for the platform.

For the second half of the show, we discuss Stadia’s arrival on Android/Google TV and what it is actually like to use the service. With a great app on very affordable devices like Google’s new Chromecast and the ridiculously inexpensive Onn. streaming kit from Walmart, it feels like Stadia may get a big shot in the arm from the larger user base that could be inbound from this new platform. Oh, and we talked about this, too…


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