More Pixel Fold leaks and thoughts on the new Pixel Buds

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This week on The Chrome Cast, we stay in a pretty #madebyGoogle sort of mood. Starting with some early thoughts on the new Pixel Buds A-Series, we talk through all that Google is doing right in this space and - perhaps more importantly - all the things they are still basically missing on. Yes, the new earbuds are pretty nice, but they are on the pricey side for a device that lacks many of the features seen in far cheaper headphones. On sale and closer to $79, these new Pixel Buds could be just the right price, though.

For the second half of the podcast, we delve into the recent reports on Google's foldable OLED screens beginning manufacture in October. Samsung has been tapped for sourcing and The Elec says along with screens for VIVO and Xiomi, Samsung will be manufacturing screens for Google as well. If this is the case, we're likely tracking an unveiling of the Pixel Fold in October at Google's hardware event and perhaps a release of this still-mysterious phone sometime in late 2021.


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