Melinda Clarke on Peace

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Melinda Clarke on Peace. Melinda Clarke is a Peace Pilgrim, writer and Peace activist. From her site she says, The dictionary defines PILGRIM as, “A person who journeys to a sacred place for religious reasons.”
I believe it is certainly a person who travels a long distance, making it a journey if not to somewhere, then perhaps in search for some (spiritual) place or knowledge.
​WHY is the most common question asked of a pilgrim along his or her journey. It is unanswerable because the true WHY is a surprise to be discovered along the way. …"There is no time for anger. No room for anger. If we want Human Kind to survive we must seek another direction. ….I believe that the ultimate poser to stop the arms race, to crate a nuclear free world…is the non-violent power of the grass-root peace movement.”

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