Stephan Melillo, On Deceduto

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I talk with the extremely talented Stephen Melillo about the piece called "Deceduto", which is on 'I the Hands of God". We also talk about. the song Message from God.
Call upon your faith and believe that it is time gather up your strengthJoin the servants the Lord Divineshine the light to show the love that you truly are
long has been the road that has brought you here
I am here with you as promised on this dayso lay down all your burdens and your fearsbe here now for I am always here
I am in the breath of the spiritand the breaking of the dawnI am here with you As promisedI’d be with you when this journey had begun
I am always hereI am always hereto help you to forgive hope to lead the way
And fulfill the ancient feel ancient promise
Given to you when you prayedSo let Gods will can be done todayForever moreForever more

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