07.11.22 Innovations in Home Building / Life Insurance & Private-Equity

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The US construction industry has held on to archaic ways of building, failing to adapt better technology routinely used elsewhere in the world - until now. Clark discusses how prefabrication component building is better, faster & cheaper. Now is the time to reimagine how we build to improve durability and price points. Also, for the past decade, traditional life & annuity insurers have been selling off their policies to Wall St. The risk profiles are then held by private-equity. This creates new levels of uncertainty for consumers. If you get notification of this from your insurer, should you be worried? Clark has some new recommendations.

  • Home Building Innovation: Segment 1
  • Ask Clark: Segment 2
  • Life Insurance & Private-Equity: Segment 3
  • Ask Clark: Segment 4

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