07.28.22 GAS PRICES: An Update and Ways to Save / Recession-proof Job Sectors

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It’s unclear what will happen with gas prices moving forward, but prices have eased and the U.S. is leading the world in the production of energy. Clark explains the current energy market, why we see big price differences at the pumps, and saving strategies. Also - The odds are at least 50/50 we’ll have some degree of recession, as central banks worldwide work to slow economies to ease global inflation. Because capitalists hate uncertainty, some large companies have announced reduced hiring - but that’s a far cry from layoffs. Clark conveys 4 job sectors resilient against recession.

  • Gas Prices: Segment 1
  • Ask Clark: Segment 2
  • Recession-proof Job Sectors: Segment 3
  • Ask Clark: Segment 4

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