E34: Sean Boylan, Four time All Ireland winning manager with Meath

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What a pleasure it was to speak with GAA Hall of Famer Sean Boylan, who after 21 years playing hurling with Meath decided to take up the mantle of the intercounty football manager for 23 years, winning four All Irelands, eight Leinster championships and three league titles. Over the hour with Eddie Scally , Sean discussed

  • His recent battle with Covid
  • Effects of Covid on players
  • Getting appointed as Meath manager
  • A hurler managing a football team
  • Epic battles throughout his tenure
  • Treating his players as adults
  • How he kept things fresh and evolved
  • Regrets / greatest days
  • Finishing up - “It was like a wake without a body”
  • His respect for Mayo
  • Expects nothing between the last 3 teams anyone could win this years Sam but he hopes it’s .......

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This podcast was brought to you with thanks to Morrissey Motors Kilkenny, the main Peugeot dealer for county Kilkenny since 1994.

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