EP 293: Donnie Stopa Entertains Us!

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This week we welcome stand up comedian Donnie Stopa. He is a comedian, filmmaker, comedy writer, and musician.
You've seen him on Drybar Comedy, Amazon Prime Video, and have likely seen him sleeping in his car! Donnie Stopa was voted “Best Stand-Up Comedian (CLEAN)” at the 2021 ATL Comedy Awards, was the 2020 CMN Network “Male Comedian of the Year.” (ROKU). Donnie has performed with Michael Jr, Jeff Allen, John Crist, and Erica Rhodes. Donnie is an active member of the "Christian Comedy Association." Donnie started comedy at an early age, and formed his first comedy-band in the 5th grade. His creative influences include: Sinbad, Norm MacDonald, Weird Al Yankovic, and the guy who played "Ernest" in all of those Ernest Movies. As a result, His style is observational, yet engaging, anecdotal, yet substantive, intellectual, yet... not so much. Donnie is an entertainer for any crowd that is ready to laugh. From Theaters and Churches, to Resorts and Comedy Clubs, Donnie connects with his audience, delivers the laughs, and loves every moment along the way!
Check them out at https://www.donnietheentertainer.com/
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