How To Build Climate Political Power After The Inflation Reduction Act (w/ Nathaniel Stinnett and Lori Lodes)

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The Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act. The 2022 midterm elections are less than 90 days away. With historic investments in climate action almost signed into law and historic stakes for the upcoming elections, what should the climate movement do now? We asked two political experts on this week's show.

First, Nathaniel Stinnett, Executive Director of Environmental Voter Project, joins us to discuss new polling data in battleground states and what it means for climate-concerned voters. He also discusses why the climate movement is lacking in political power now and what we can do about it.

Then, Lori Lodes, Executive Director of Climate Power, joins the show to discuss what the Inflation Reduction Act means to the climate movement in America, what we can learn from the passage of the Affordable Care Act, how climate politics are changing, and what is critical to accomplish more bold legislation now.

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