Wisdom from a Boston comedy veteran

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Casey McNeal is a Boston comedian and humorist. Often described as "Addicted to Disorders," he regularly brings his mental rants to Clubs throughout New England and New York. Sometimes observational, sometimes absurd, but always told through the eyes of his mental hang-ups, his comedy appeals to those who have hang-ups, and those who like to laugh at other people’s hang-ups. He has opened for legends like Sam Kinison, Margaret Cho, Kevin Nealon, and Judy Tenuta, among others.

This is great episode looking at the wisdom of 31 year veteran of the Boston scene, advice new comics should make when getting in comedy,how the Boston scene works, why Boston has produced many greats, What separates comedians and how to build a 45 minute set. This episode is a must see, if you would like to know more about Casey, you can reach him on website at CaseysComedy.com,Facebook at CaseyMcNealComedy,Instagram at CaseysComedy, Youtube at CaseyMcNeal and TikTok at caseyscomedy.

If you would like to know more about Marvin, you can reach him on riceandchips1.

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