The Conclave Presents: Voices in the Warp - 3: The Gang Squashes The Beef

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Welcome back to our spin-off show in the Conclave Podmatic Universe: Voices in the Warp! We've assembled a crack team of Conclavers for this new, relaxed and entirely random show where we waffle on while we hobby away. Think of this as a hobby hangout, but recorded! In this episode the gang squashes the beef. Listen in to find out what's got everyone coming in so hot! Happy Hobbying, and enjoy! We are proudly sponsored by Versatile Terrain! You can find their awesome products at Conclave Hosts: The Sandman - Instagram: @thesandman40k Adam/ADR Wargaming - Instagram: @adrwargaming Quipster - Instagram: @quipsternerd Rich - Instagram: @rezzaprime The Voices in the Warp: Josh - Instagram: @warhipster Rich G - Instagram: @gwatkingaming Jamie - Instagram: @sanguinary_punk The Conclave Socials: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: @TheConclave40K --- Send in a voice message:

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