42 BossUp w/Karissa Adkins

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Karissa Adkins is the Founder of 365DailyHustle. She is a Master Coach certified in health, life, and fitness, Radio Show Host of the BossUp Babe Podcast, Global Motivational Speaker and a 2X Amazon's #1 Best Selling Author of Women Who BossUp and Expert Profiles, Conversations with Influences & Innovation.

Karissa has been featured on networks such as ABC, CBC, and NBC for her expertise in empowering women to BossUp and get healthy and in June of 2021 she was listed in Entrepreneurs Herald as a Top 20 Life Coaches in 2021.

Karissa is a mother, wife, and a badass champion for women's health! She is also competing for the title of Ms. Health and Fitness 2021 for HERS magazine.

While going through her own mental and physical transformation, Karissa began helping other women achieve their health, weight loss, and other life goals. Karissa was frequently approached by women who needed advice, accountability, and support.

Karissa created her signature Coaching Program, Reclaim your best life. The 10-week transformational program helps women overcome their weight loss battle, double their energy, and self-sabotaging spirals while they learn to master their mindset, lifestyle habits, confidence, and own their true badass self. Karissa and her team of health experts are here to help mompreneurs create the life they deserve!

Today we’re talking about bossing up to take courage! Because it’s your job to ShowUp, BossUp, and Create your Best Life

Links where you can learn more about Karissa and the amazing work she does:

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