The CopDoc Podcast Ep 71, Jennifer Hyland, Deputy Chief Commissioner,

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Jennifer Hyland is the Deputy Chief Constable for the newly created Surrey Police Service (SPS) in Canada. A Canadian police veteran, Jennifer served for a municipal police agency and later joined the Royal Candian Mounted Police (RCMP). She has served in a number of capacities. In January 2021, Jennifer Hyland was appointed as the first Deputy Chief Constable for the new Surrey Police Service.
We talked about the evolution of the SPS, the planning, hiring, and staffing of a new agency for a municipality larger than Vancouver, Britsh Columbia. Discussion surrounded running meetings, developing a culture of service, women in policing, and meeting the needs of a diverse community.
Our conversation was interrupted by internet instability and we ended abruptly. We will talk with DCC Hyland again soon. The discussion on the efforts to create from scratch is impressive. The department is beginning to send out SPS officers and over the next few years, the SPS will grow from 100 to over 800 sworn officers. No policies are adapted from another agency. instead, all policies are created from scratch!

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