Josh Golden - Chief Marketing Officer at Quad

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AT&T, Ad Age, Xerox, NBC Universal. These are just a few of the companies that Josh Golden, Chief Marketing Officer at Quad, has had a hand in making courageous changes at. With a diverse career spanning over two decades, Josh’s wife accurately describes him as the Marco Polo of industry professions. Josh has earned a reputation as a catalyst to drive change within organizations. In 2017, he led the repositioning of ‘Advertising Age’ to the more current ‘Ad Age’ — solidifying its place in a new digital era. In this wide-ranging conversation, host Ryan Berman and Josh Golden discuss the importance of staying curious, which of the 300+ pieces of content Josh has made is his favorite, and his recent decision to share publicly his bout with epilepsy. It’s another inspiring episode of the Courageous Podcast that you will not want to miss.

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