Steven Cox - Founder of TakeLessons

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Think it. Ink it. Sink it. Steven Cox first harnessed the power of manifesting his destiny through pen and paper to lose 55 lbs then date his High School prom queen. Writing down his goals has led Steven to some incredible places. Most recently to Hollywood where he’s made the leap from successful entrepreneur — selling his company TakeLessons to Microsoft -- to work-in-progress aspiring actor. In his conversation with Ryan, we’ll learn how a worn out cassette tape of Brian Tracy laid a foundation for understating the importance of mentorship in Steven’s life. In essence, Steve has always been open to taking lessons himself. Steve also tells the story of how TakeLessons humble beginnings were inspired by a former bandmate’s struggle to make it as a professional drummer…stay tuned for the encore to hear where that drummer is today.

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