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How can I heal my trauma? Why am I anxious? How can I bounce back from rejection? What can I do to heal my hormones? How do I find my path to my true self? What is a mother wound? How can I transcend grief? Why can’t I stop overthinking? What can I eat to beat depression? How can I thrive during stress? These are just a few of the big questions we will dive into on The Courageously.u Podcast. I’m your host Tara Bixby, and I’m on a mission to change the mental health narrative. I’m a licensed therapist, anxiety coach, mental health activist, and everyday girl. I’m basically the best friend you never knew you needed. Each week, I have courageous conversations with experts, authors, doctors, healers, and everyday humans like yourself. New episodes coming your way every Wednesday! Have a question or topic you'd like covered on the show? Be sure to send an email to

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