Hit Play if you haven't hit your Sales Goal

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Let's talk about income and sales goals. More specifically what to do when you don't hit them. Not hitting a sales goal can do a number on it. We set a goal and when we don't achieve it, sometimes it can completely derail us. I totally have been there.

A few episodes back, I shared with you how I doubled my income in 30 days, then I was all starry-eyed and I made another episode on how I was going to double my income. Again. I was so confident that it was going to happen.

Well, it might come as a surprise to you that I actually didn't hit my income and sales goal at that time. I did not double my income again, after doubling it the previous month, I made the exact same amount as what I made in June of 2021.

I'm a natural-born go-getter. And so when I don't hit my goals, I take it personally.

I always asked why, and more importantly, why it actually didn't happen, but what I really didn't realize at the time is that I actually wasn't ready.

My business wasn't ready.

I started looking at my business and questioning, “Why didn't I hit this goal?” and what I found out shocked me.

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