Ellen Rapoport · Creator, Exec. Producer & Showrunner of “Minx” for HBO Max

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Ellen Rapoport is the creator, executive producer, and showrunner of the breakout hit comedy series, Minx, for HBO Max. The series, which aired on the platform on March 17, takes place in 1970s Los Angeles and follows the story of an earnest young feminist who joins forces with a low-rent publisher to create the first erotic magazine for women. In May, it was announced that the series was renewed for a second season. Executive produced by Paul Feig and starring Ophelia Lovibond, Jake Johnson, and Lennon Parham among others, the series became an instant hit for its clever writing, evocative imagery, and its championship of feminist ideals from the 70s era. TV Guide called it “…a bouncy, feel-good show that taps into the elation of creating something new where there was nothing before.”

Previously, Ellen co-wrote the screenplay for Paramount’s feature Clifford the Big Red Dog, as well as Netflix's Desperados.

"What drew me to the time period of the 70s was the real story of these magazines Playgirl, Viva, Foxy Lady, all the magazines that existed in this period. So it was a natural outgrowth of trying to tell a story that was inspired by, to some extent, real-life events. When I started developing Minx, what struck me about the 70s, in particular, is just how similar it was to our time. It seems like the magazines were covering all the same issues that we're now talking about. Obviously, we all saw with the leaked decision in Roe vs. Wade just how close we are to that time period and how far we haven't come.”

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