Dead Letters - EP 2

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There's not much at all to do here in Wallingford VT. Plus it's the summer so it's hot and miserable out, all the kids are out of school hanging out in their homes or with their own friend groups. You've just moved here and don't know anyone so it's been absolutely boring so far. Ah, but what's this? A letter? This isn't yours. Might as well crack this open to find out what the deal is. It's not illegal if it ain't got a stamp on it...
Despite their best attempt at avoiding responsibility, Jess can be found as part of the Wondercon Survival Guide - a production by the Dice Fiends podcast which can be found on twitter @dicefiends. Find links to all the places you can listen to it here: or just search Dice Fiends/ Wondercon Survival Guide on your podcatcher of choice.
The game system we've used today has been Bubblegumshoe, a flavor of the Gumshoe TTRPG system. Find out more at:
The following music was used for this media project:
Music: The Waltz Of The Kindness by MusicLFiles
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