Britt Robson On The Bucks Winning It + Trading For Danilo Gallinari? + Lore and A-Rod Approved As New Owners

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On today’s show, Britt Robson of The Athletic joins to discuss the Milwaukee Bucks being the NBA champion for the 2020-21 season. We also get into the news of the Timberwolves pursuing Danilo Gallinari. What that type of move signals for how Gersson Rosas might be pursuing this offseason. And finally we get into Marc Lore and Alex Rodriguez being approved by the NBA’s Board of Governors as limited partners of the Minnesota Timberwolves ownership team. I ask Britt what impact he would like to see the new owners have next season. And I assert my hope that Lore and Rodriguez are able to meet with Rosas in an effort to make a long-term, sustainable plan.

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