Britt Robson of The Athletic On The Second Round of the Playoffs

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Britt Robson of The Athletic again joins the show. This time to discuss the now set, eight-team field for the second round of the playoffs. We spend about twenty minutes on all four of the second round series, in this order: Bucks-Nets, Nuggets-Suns, Clippers-Jazz, Sixers-Hawks. Topics discussed include:

  • Our announcement of a live show on NBA Draft Lottery Night, June 22nd, at Forgotten Star Brewery in Fridley, Minnesota. Britt and I will be at Forgotten Star to see how the lottery balls bounce in the draft lottery, and immediately record a live episode following the Lottery’s results
  • How Brooklyn still looked like they had more than enough for Milwaukee even once James Harden went down
  • The X-factors for a Denver team against a more sturdy Phoenix squad
  • Dane and Britt come down on different winners for the Jazz-Clippers series
  • How the Sixers can recover against the Hawks the rest of the series

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