How Ben Simmons Would Impact The Timberwolves Defense + Elston Turner's Thoughts On Defensive Scheme + Vanderbilt and McLaughlin Re-Sign

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On today’s show, Dane talks about the Timberwolves defense this upcoming season. Specifically the impact Ben Simmons would have on the defensive end if the Wolves were to pull off a trade to acquire him. Additionally, clips included from Timberwolves new defensive coordinator Elston Turner on his vision for the Wolves’ defense this year, and Turner’s view on how drop coverage can effectively be played in today’s NBA. And lastly, we get to the team-friendly contracts that Jarred Vanderbilt and Jordan McLaughlin recently signed.

— Comparing Ben Simmons’ defensive impact next to Karl-Anthony Towns vs. Jimmy Butler’s defensive impact next to KAT

— What sort of price in a trade would be justifiable given Simmons’ expected impact?

— New Defensive Coordinator Elston Turner on his vision for the Timberwolves defense, and how that vision might be different than David Vanterpool and Jospeh Blair’s

— The impact of Vanderbilt and McLaughlin signing long-term, team-friendly deals

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