What Happens At The Holy Cross Abbey Monastery I Haunted

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What Happens At The Holy Cross Abbey Monastery I Haunted
Walk through the maze of dark corridors and feel the spectral energy that continues to linger at the historic Abbey Monastery. Stories of spirits at the monastery include Brother Mark, who was the leader of the glee club. He used to sit up in the bell tower and play the organ in the afternoons. Now, the automated carillon plays hymns around noon. But sometimes the carillon plays not at the appointed time as if someone is playing them.
You may also come face to face with apparitions of former monks that are spotted wandering the halls.
There is a secret tunnel in the basement that connects the monastery to the Ullathorne Hall. It was used to discretely cross between buildings. Today the secret apparently is divulged by the spirits that remain here, for it is where the darkest and heaviest reports of spectral activity have been documented.

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