Emotional Intelligence

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In this episode Christy discusses:

  • Mastery of emotions, understanding and identifying them
  • What happens when emotions are left unchecked
  • Becoming aware of your inner-state
  • Being able to manage your emotions

Key Takeaways:

  • Mastery of emotions involves self-awareness and self-management. You won’t be able to master your emotions if you’re not aware of what you’re feeling.
  • The tendency of negative emotions is that it weighs heavily and can create havoc in the body and the mind if kept unchecked.
  • Bring your emotions into attention. Acknowledge them and be attentive. This is the first step to being able to master emotions. Bring it into awareness without putting any meaning behind the emotions - the emotions as is, without the “why”.
  • When you’ve brought your feelings into focus, you’ll be able to process them and regulate them.

“...Stop and pay attention... accept it instead of feeling like we have to push it away, resist, or deny, or suppress it - we listen to that information… and then we are free to choose how we want to feel” - Christy Whitman

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Connect with Christy Whitman:

Website: https://www.christywhitman.com/

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