Healing from Chronic Lyme, Food as Medicine and Joyful Cooking with Tina McDermott

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This week on the Detox Diaries podcast, I’m chatting with Tina McDermott of Tina’s Joyful Kitchen. Tina spent many years struggling with digestive issues, but what inspired her to truly begin taking care of her health was her sister’s battle with cancer. Tina learned the importance of nutrition and movement on overall health and was determined to heal herself and support others in doing the same all while enjoying the process!

We also chat about…

  • Her battle with chronic Lyme disease
  • The detox practices that support her when she’s having a flare up
  • The real cause of seemingly unrelated symptoms like bloating, depression and joint pain
  • Tips for healthy cooking when you feel like you have NO time
  • Easy tips to heal your gut
  • The types of movement that matter most

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To connect with Tina…

Visit https://www.tinamcdermott.com/JG

Visit https://tinamcdermott.com/tinas-joyful-kitchen/

Watch her on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGH0Y5KEI2eNvY9jyIlwHnw

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