Episode 129 - UNC Part III: Judgment Day (with special guest Desmond Johnson)

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Well, we thought it might never happen. But here we are. Tomorrow night Duke plays UNC in the Final Four.

To break down this historic matchup, Josh Smith, Dustin Shoe, and Raul Clement are joined by Desmond Johnson, owner of Tobacco Road Sports Radio, host of The Rundown with Desmond Johnson, and host of Bleav in Carolina Panthers. As a lifelong UNC fan, Desmond offers his unique perspective on the rivalry and what a meeting in the tournament means for its future. You can learn more about Tobacco Road Sports Radio at tobaccoroadsportsradio.com.

In the back half of the show (starting at 34:58), Josh, Dustin, and Raul break down their keys to a Duke victory. Hint: it's going to take a little more than just strong faces and verve.

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