THE DEVIL'S MOUTH Vol. 100 special: Greg Mackintosh talks about 'Beneath Broken Earth'

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We started these celebrations with a legend of the West Yorkshire doom scene, so how about we close them with... another legend of the West Yorkshire doom scene? Though both Aaron Stainthorpe and Greg Mackintosh hail from the same region and their main bands have often been grouped together, both have also far transcended any genre-specific musical origins with their brilliant careers and greatly helped shape the history of metal along the way.

A punk rocker at heart, Greg showed us that side well when he appeared as a guest on episode #29 of The Devil's Mouth, and now we called upon him again to pick one of his own songs. The choice fell on a recent Paradise Lost classic, 'Beneath Broken Earth', and... we'll let him explain the rest.

Thank you everyone who has participated in our signaling of episode #100! Normal programme will resume next week as we move on to our season 2 with episode #101.

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