Gwen Goes Up Against Jack as the Rift is Misbehaving

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As bare as a freshly mopped TARDIS floor.

Review story this episode: Torchwood: Adrift

Gwen is not happy with Jack who seems to be hiding something as the people of Cardiff disappear. PC Andy is back who tries to get Gwen to care once more but has she been embedded within Torchwood's elitist "alien-only" point of view for too long now?

Coming in two weeks: Castrovalva

It's been SO LONG since we watched any Davison stories for review so let's start at the beginning with his first full outing as The Doctor, kicking off Series 19.

Thank you all for listening to this week's episode and remember to follow the podcast wherever you listen to your podcasts so you don't miss an episode when they land every Friday. We're away next week so no episode but we're back the week after so stay cool and until then - Allons-y!

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