Entry 28: Beginning

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Abby and Essa are getting more and more worried. Anthony goes off into the maze, and Quill wants to take a walk. Meanwhile, Liv and Calinox have a conversation about identity...

**Content Warnings:**

- Mention of murder

- Mention of fire

New episodes are released every other Sunday at 4:00pm EST/9:00pm BST

“Abby” played by J. R. Steele

“Essa” played by Sam Lueke

“Eziander” played by Logan-Alexis H.

“Anthony Todd” played by Sam Lueke

“Quill Taylor” played by J. R. Steele

“Liv” played by C.V.V.M.

“Calinox” played by C.V.V.M.

“Amor” played by River Toepler

“Kal” played by The Rot

“Roske” played by Anonymous

“Eron” played by Jamie Rosati

Writing, theme music, and sound editing by J. R. Steele

Script editor: River Toepler

Visit the website: https://penofsteele.wixsite.com/domesticlife

Join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/WWfb4uj

Follow the Domestic Life of Anthony Todd on Twitter: @DomesticLifePod

Sound effects for this episode by carlerichudon, dkiller2204, editor_adp, FallenAGKvideos, florianreichelt, GET_Accel, GreenFireSound, IG88Gov, InspectorJ, jeffdutton10, joedeshon, klankbeeld, megashroom, MinigunFiend, mtjohnson, pjborg, Pogotron, ramagochi, stek59, and zimbot via freesound.org.

The Domestic Life of Anthony Todd is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 4.0 International License.

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