#14 EuroTrip Ch. 2 - The Faroe Islands

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This week's episode of The DrakeCast takes us to The Faroe Islands, which is a small archipelago in the North Atlantic, about halfway between Norway and Iceland. I was there to experience the culture and see if I could find a couple fish. But during my stay, what I found was an isolated country and fishery that is at an inflection point. As more tourists make their way to the Faroes, the sleepy chain of islands is waking to a growing problem. The culture, the scenery, and the fishing are being loved to death. And it begs the question, is this growth sustainable? During my time in the Faroe Islands, I hung out with Kasper Jaegergaard. He's a Danish contractor who fell in love with the Faroe Islands a doxen years ago. He keeps coming back to fish, even though the sea trout in Denmark are bigger, because the natural beauty and the culture are unrivaled. We made our way around the islands with our fishing rods in tow. We sampled locally harvested whale and drank local beer and spirits. For more information on this episode and pictures from my time in the Faroe Islands, visit the Drake Magazine's website: http://www.drakemag.com/drakecast/1838-the-drakecast-flyfishing-podcast-14-the-faroe-islands.html

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