#30 Hoppers & Droppers: The Story Behind Hank Patterson

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Nearly six years ago a video popped up on Youtube featuring the ramblings of the self-proclaimed expert flyfishing guide, Hank Patterson. The video asserted the existence of “cuttyrainbrowns,” misquoted Norman Maclean, and emphasized the importance of hearing the snap in your cast. As the movie made its rounds on the blogs and social media of the time, a man sat in Boise, Idaho wondering what people thought of the whole thing. This man was Travis Swartz, and with the help of his good friend and fishing buddy, Reece Ferguison, he had created the first fictional flyfishing superstar; he had created Hank Patterson. This episode takes a look at where Hank Patterson came from, but more importantly, we hear about the man behind Hank. Many thanks to Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures and Scott Fly Rods for their continued support.

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