#AAA - November 2022 | Ep #313

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Time Stamped Show Notes:

[0:30] - #AAA for November 2022

[0:49] - Julie - Now that we’re into the holiday season, what should I do about my job search? There are a lot of layoffs and it seems like companies don’t really hire this time of year anyways.

[6:29] - Dave - For someone recently let go, do you recommend that they jump right into a search or pause before diving in?

[9:25] - Caleb - I've recently hit a plateau on my linkedin follower growth. Advice on how to revamp?

[16:54] - Anthony - If you had to start your coaching business over and were on a budget, what platforms and tools (if any) would you use?

[20:36] - Shea - What are some tools you use to manage your time?

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