2022 NFL Rookie Mock Draft (1/2 PPR - Single QB)

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Welcome Back Dynasty Lovers! In this episode, it's time to review the CRAZY 2022 NFL Draft and discuss the many dynasty implications. There's no better way to get you ready for your upcoming rookie drafts than... THE 2022 NFL ROOKIE MOCK DRAFT!
In this one, we'll be using 1/2 PPR - Single QB as the league format. With each pick, we use our personal draft boards and give where we value these guys. At this time, the ADP for a lot of these players vary and obviously will change as the draft season wears on... but use this to your advantage and find those diamonds you value later in your rookie drafts to maximize your draft haul!
Our goal is to give you the KEYS TO SUCCESS for draft day; so get your draft boards, highlighters, and your game-face ready... IT'S ROOKIE DRAFT SEASON BABY!!!
** For Complete 2022 NFL Rookie Class Player Profiles, Combine Stats, Pro vs Cons, Career Stats, Dynasty Rookie Rankings, and.... MUCH MORE!
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