202. Columbia Valley Smokeshow

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Air Date: May 11, 2022 Welcome to Episode 202 of the podcast. The Columbia Valley Smokeshow is coming to Invermere, BC June 25-26, 2022. This should be a great new competition and family event. Check out www.cvsmokeshow.ca for details, team and judge registration. Two of the organizers are my guests this week, Pat Carrick representing the Columbia Valley Chamber of Commerce and Brad Thompson is from Smokehouse 93 barbecue restaurant in Invermere. You can follow the Chamber on Instagram @cv_chamber_of_commerce and on Twitter @CV_Chamber. Smokehouse 93 is on Instagram @smokehouse_93 and on the web at www.slowsmokedbbq.ca. This episode has been brought to you by: Motley Que’s 2022 Competition Bounty Program. In 2022, when you use Motley Que products and win a category or a G.C. you’ll get some extra jangle in your pockets! Visit www.motleyque.ca and click on the BBQ Bounty Program tab at the top of the screen to get all the details. Township 27 develops, produces, distributes and sells the highest quality Pantry Spices, Herbs, Spice Blends, Sauces, Salad Dressings and Condiments for People Who Love Food! If you are looking for the best in spices, blends, sauces and condiments, whether it be retail, wholesale, or bulk, check us out at www.township27.com and follow them on Instagram and Facebook. And The Barrel Boss Q, a family owned and operated small business in Leduc County, AB and the manufacturer of the Original Canadian Charcoal Drum Smoker. Visit them at www.barrelbossq.ca to see the whole lineup and follow them on Facebook & Instagram. All music on The Eat More Barbecue podcast has been graciously provided by Alan Horabin. Search Alan Horabin on YouTube to check out his new music. Eat More Barbecue can be found online at www.eatmorebarbecue.ca & www.albertabbqtail.ca and my email is eatmorebarbecue@gmail.com Social media links: Facebook & Instagram at eat_more_barbecue Twitter @eatmorebarbecue Thanks for listening. Please subscribe, rate and review. This podcast is a production of Eat More Barbecue Digital Media.

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