Ecommerce Content 101: Easy Types of Content to Make for Your Business

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Welcome to a bonus episode of the Ecommerce Content 101 series.

We got great feedback on the series; thank you! From your feedback, we found that some business owners are stuck getting started because it’s hard for them to pick a topic for their content. That’s why we made one more episode to help inspire you to start.

Don’t Overthink It

Getting started with anything is not about perfection. You just need to get into the confidence-competence loop.

When you start doing something new, you won’t be incredibly confident at first. As you do it, you'll gain more competence and confidence. And the process becomes a cycle towards better, more informative content.

Five Types of Content to Create for Your Business

Document your business process. Start uploading videos about your daily routine and what you do for your business.

Don't underestimate the industry events you go to. Document them and share content from them with your audience.

Respond to other people's content. Some people already target your audience, and you could add your own insights to their posts.

Repost user-generated content. For example, you can repost a picture of a customer wearing a T-shirt from your store. You should always ask for their permission to use it on your pages.

Show content of people using your product. You could bring your product, widget, service, or whatever you create into the real world and ask people's opinions about it.

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