Giving Thanks to the Two Things We Love to Hate

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It's almost Thanksgiving. How did that happen??? I hope that whatever you're doing this year leaves you feeling happy and refreshed. And I hope that you enjoy your favorite foods!

Everyone seems to be putting out content right now that's all about being thankful. And sadly, I'm not creative enough to do anything different :)


I’m guessing that I’m going to suggest that you be thankful for two things that you probably don’t ever thank. In fact, things that you probably don’t like, or maybe even hate.

The first thing, believe it or not, is emotional eating.

And I know that you might be thinking, what???? Why would I be thankful for that? I'm on this email list and I listen to your podcast so I can stop emotional eating!

But hear me out....

The parts of us that turn to food when we're stressed, upset, need comfort, need to be distracted, etc. are trying to help us. They know that, at least briefly, food makes us feel better. These parts work really hard for us. And they deserve our thanks.

The second thing to be thankful for is your body.

Now, notice that I'm not saying you should love your body. Or even like it. I'm just saying thank it. You may not like how it looks. You may not like how it moves. You may not like how it works.

But it's where you live, and it keeps you alive. And shouldn't we thank the things that keep us alive?

On this week's podcast (which is a pretty short one, in case you're feeling like you don't have time to listen), we're talking about why thanking our eating parts and our body is a pretty good idea whose time has come.

We can't hate our parts or our bodies smaller. Or healthier. Or better in any way. We need to thank them. Listen to them. Respect them.

So take a listen, and give some thanks!

To help get to know your eating parts, check out my FREE Eating Parts Cheat Sheets

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