The Empower Hour with Katie & Sarah Episode 7: Mother's Day Special!

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For a very special Mother's Day episode, Katie and Sarah bring on three extraordinary women. First, we chat with Stephanie Hoover, who, after a arduous journey with infertility, set on a different and unexpected course towards motherhood. She candidly talks about that experience, which includes foster care for who would become her two beautiful daughters whom she and her husband officially adopted in November, 2019. Steph is also a fierce Peloton community member and we talk about how her workouts help her maintain that balance when #momlife gets a bit too much.

Then, we bring on our own moms, Liz and Betsy, for an open and honest chat about raising daughters (specifically, us!), the challenges they faced, and how they encouraged us all along to continue to go after our dreams--and continue to compete into our 40s! We hope you enjoy!

Follow Steph Hoover on the Peloton leaderboard (@spins4steph) and Instagram @aniestepher)

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