Episode 24 - Eddie Van Halen Dies and Howard Stern resigns

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Legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen is dead. He was 65. His son said his father died of a "long and arduous battle with cancer."

Eddie’s group Van Halen is one of the biggest groups of all time. It’s largest album 1984 propelled them to decades of stadium rock stardom. hits like Jump, Dance the Night Away, and my personal favorite Right now

He was 65


Howard Stern is getting a big raise.

Stern’s contract with Sirius XM expires at the end of December, and Bloomberg says the new deal is expected to reach 120 million.

Sirius XM CEO Jim Meyer told CNBC earlier this year that resigning him was a top priority

More than 34 million people pay for a subscription to Sirius, which offers more than 150 channels of live sports, music, talk and comedy. Meyer says another 65 million listeners use the company’s recently acquired pandora service.

The company generated $7.8 billion in sales last year and nearly $1 billion in profit.

He’s been with the company since 2005.

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