Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

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For a change of pace, we spend the episode talking about one of the biggest games of last year, Fall GuyS: Ultimate Knockout!, which we've both been playing lately and think is… pretty fine. Let's be honest, it is not a masterpiece, but on the other hand we're both highly suspicious of people who feel they're too good for the game. While it may be just a physics-y Mario Party with killer netcode, it sure does deliver on (nearly: *cough* couch co-op *cough*) everything a physics-y Mario Party with killer netcode should, which is actually pretty sweet when you think about it.

Then we catch up on what else we've been messing around with so far in 2021, which for Blake consists of numerous interesting games of varied genres such as Control, Kentucky Route Zero, and Vanguard. For Sean it consists of, err, mostly some tabletop RPG's online, so not too much.

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