First Season Syndrome

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Welcome back to the Family Van! Buckle up and lets talk HOUSEWIVES!

In The ATL Marlo is showing her heart hunny, and do Kandi and Todd even like each other anymore? We discuss all of it and everything in between!

In Beverly Hills Crystal (AKA Lettuce) is still "Processing", Sutton is outsourcing her facial rolling, Diana thinks Sutton is a narcissist (Tanya and I wonder if we are too?), and Rinna gives us another award winning solo breakfast scene (where is her Emmy?)

In Dubai....things are....STARTING to maybe almost be interesting? Ill be honest...I talk about my affliction I always get, "First Season Syndrome"....but will I ever not watch?...of course not!

All that...PLUS, Stay tuned for a bonus episode this week dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to the first three episodes of "Ultimate Girls Trip: Ex Wives Club" because, huuunnn-yyyy there was no way we could have given them the attention they deserve on top of the rest of the franchises!

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Love and Light, Betch


Bobby & Tanya

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