S4 EP. 36 // Connecting with other women is so important! A cafecito chat about faith, friendship, and confidence. - With Podcast Guest: Jennifer Nuncio, Co-founder of Create In Her Ministry

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Hey Amiga, thank you so much for coming out to the Beauty From Ashes Event this past Saturday 11/12. - It was so powerful! If you couldn't make it no worries I am collabing and working on other things behind the scenes.

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Today's episode features Jennifer Nuncio co-founder of Create In Her Ministry.
If you have ever struggled to build meaningful friendships with other strong women this episode is for you!
Jennifer and I are talking about the importance in connecting with strong women, and being your authentic self while building friendship. We also talk about faith and what confidence really means.
This episode is going to inspire you to keep being yourself while building strong friendships!
Share this episode with your Amigas because something powerful happens when we lift each other up.
Connect with Jennifer Nuncio and find out more about Create In Her:
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