Dynasty Super Flex Startup ADP Review | Dynasty Fantasy Football 2022 2QB Strategy

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We're back with another ADP review, this time Super Flex Startup ADP for your pleasurrre. Each month Ryan McDowell and the guys over at Dynasty League Football come out with updated ADP which provides a great opportunity to see where the pulse of the industry is with player values so you are armed with as much information heading into the 2022 Dynasty startup draft season. Extensive timestamps below

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Timestamps for your dynasty fantasy football pleasurrre (01:28) - The first round of Superflex Startup ADP hasn’t changed much (03:05) - The second round of Superflex Startup ADP has first big moverrr Jalen Hurts vs Russell Wilson (3:53) - Is top of the 2nd round too expensive for Cooper Kupp in Superflex? (5:03) - Trevor Lawrence is probably a nice value IRL superflex leagues at this point (6:50) - Can you pony up for Trey Lance in the 2nd round of Superflex Startups? (8:31) - AJ Brown or Davante Adams? (9:02) - Aaron Rodgers in the 3rd is not palatable even in Superflex (11:39) - Are you still in on Saquon Barkley? (12:41) - Where are you with Justin Fields and Tua Tagovailoa in Superflex Startups? (19:23) - Are you in or out on Derek Carr in the 4th round of Superflex Startups? (22:07) - Mac Jones, Zach Wilson, and Kirk D Cousins all need to fall another round before it feels okay taking them in Superflex startups (23:43) - Is DJ Moore still someone you feel comfortable spending high draft capital on? (26:39) - Should you be worried about Ryan Tannehill with Malik Willis in town? (27:27) - Jameis Winston is overvalued in Superflex startup ADP right now (28:11) - Is Aaron Jones a zero RB cheat code? (31:29) - Amari Cooper vs Keenan Allen/Mike Evans/Jameson Williams (33:44) - Probably going to make some people mad but Ezekiel Elliott is a fantastic value in both startups and superflex startups right now (35:18) - The remaining notable Rookie superflex ADP

In the heart of Rookie Season we have the Rookie Fever cure Be sure to check out all our Rookie Prospect Profiles of the 2022 NFL Draft Class here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQvbYdRF-Vo&list=PLNgxM35PCsZWFVoEPzLLetQdQaVRaJKnn

Check out all our Dynasty Mock Drafts here (Startup, Rookie, Super flex/2QB): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDPdaZwPDvw&list=PLNgxM35PCsZWXELJ5B5qWAvYV3v_5oELN

Dynasty Mock Drafts are a way to hone in your Dynasty Startup & Rookie Rankings/Tiers and develop a strategy that suites your preferences.

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